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Okay, so next on the agenda was a little wiring work. I needed to run speaker wires for the bass shakers going in to the seats. It just so happened that I had a conduit and box already mounted to the wall that had a coax cable running into it. Since I had no need for coax behind the seating, I pulled it out and ran two sets of speaker wire down the conduit and in to the box instead. This got attached to the terminal post face plate I got from Partsexpress.com.


Unfortunately the screws provided were not going to work with the face plate/wall box combo that I had, that can wait for another day though. Even thought the theater is far from done, it is now functional and that has definitely slowed progress on the rest of what needs to be done. I'm too busy using the room to work on the room! Next is a picture of the room with furniture mostly in place. This should give you a good idea of the layout. And there's my roommate using the room to it's full potential.


And what do I watch while working on my man cave you might ask? Well among many shows that I enjoy watching, one very good one is, of course, DIY Channel's Man Caves!


Next is a quick shot of the area directly under my stairs. Here you can see my media server, along with that thick black cable which is my HDMI cable going to the PJ. Also, there are four speaker wires: two for the rear channel speakers and two for the bass shaker terminals. This is also the basis for the beginning of my next project. Actually it's more like a sub-project within the main home theater project, but either way it's more stuff on my list of things to do. I'm planning on putting a small wall section in here and a door to close it off. But the door will have a few custom features to it.


Here's the door; it was salvaged from my dad's backyard shed so some of the edges are a bit rough. I looked high and low for a solid wood door that had a smooth face to it, it's actually very hard to find. Luckily I had one waiting for me to discover much closer than I thought.


I needed a solid wood door (which isn't so much solid wood as it is solid particle board) because my first step in prepping this door for my purpose was to cut a big ass hole in the middle of it!


Once that was complete I did a temporary fit of the hardware to make sure it was gonna line up correctly. At this point some of you may already know where I'm going with this.


Basically what I decided was that I wanted a rack to mount all of my A/V equipment into, and I wanted it to be right under the stairs. But I did not want to lose access to the space under the stairs because I use for storing stuff. So a big ass door with a big ass hole in it with all my AV equipment mounted to it was what I came up with.


So that's all I've got for now. Yes, there is still more to come. I still have many things left on my project list so this thing is far from over. Check back periodically for updates! Thanks!