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Home Theater Build


So, construction has begun on my man cave, theater style. Here's an idea of what I had to start out with.

I had originally planned on building out walls and dry walling but decided that would take up too much
space. I then thought about attaching furring strips to the concrete and attaching the drywall to that
but unfortunately they used forms with a brick facade when they poured the concrete so that was pretty
much out. So instead I simply painted the concrete. First step was to seal any leaks, I had one.

Once I had sealed that with some caulk I further waterproofed with two coats of Drylock. This is
interesting stuff. It's thicker than any paint you'll ever use, and extremely frustrating to work
with. Think of pancake batter, then add sand that's the kind of consistency you're working with.
Needless to say it was difficult to apply. Even with the thickest nap rollers I could buy I still
had to go back with a paint brush and do the grout lines that the roller couldn't get. And man does
that wall soak up the Drylock, if I remember correctly it took a gallon and a half to do two coats on
this first section of wall and another gallon and a half for the other section of wall. At least I
can rest easier knowing that wall is about as water tight as it possibly can be.

Next, I put up some paint. The color is called Posh Red, it's kind of a deep red. I'll give you two
pictures of it here with and without flash. Just split the difference and you'll have a pretty good
idea of what it looks like. I had to go back to Lowe's a couple times as this concrete wall just
soaked up the paint almost as much as it soaked up the Drylock. Every time I got paint the person
there would comment that they liked the color and would ask what I was using it for, so I would tell
them it was for a basement. They would all scowl and say something like "Ooh that's kinda dark for a
basement". Then I would tell them it was for a home theater and they would say "Oh, ok, that's about
right then".

Finally, a quick shot of my bass shakers, or tactile transducers if you will, that will be mounted on
the bottom of the couch in the main seating position. More on those later.