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Second Worklog

So, since my first project went so well, I decided to start another. This one though is quite a bit larger of an undertaking for me. This one is going to be for my little sister. I'll be putting my current Core2Duo 6300 into this when I get my quad core in. (Yeah for Retail Edge!!) As for the rest of the parts I don't really know yet.

I have a Zalmann CNPS7700-Cu that I will be putting in as well.

So, heres my first question. Is there a good overclocker board out there for fairly cheap, maybe MATX, and Asus if possible? (We sell lots of different Asus boards where I work.) I plan on getting a decent overclock out of it and running folding on it when she's not using it.

Anyway, here's a short list of some of the things I have planned for this poor case.

My first thought, of course, was more air flow. And how better to do that than with a big 120mm fan in the front.

And to get that to actually work I have to do some pretty extensive surgery to the case front itself.

Oh, and you can also see from the photo above and below that to get the 120 to fit in the case the floppy/hard drive cage had to be chopped down a bit.

Random picture.

Following along in the spirit of more air flow I went ahead and put a 120mm hole in the top for a blow hole fan.

I also plan on putting a window and 120mm fan in the side panel too.
I also thought about cutting ou tthe back of the mobo tray like I did on my own.

This is really nice when you need to swap heatsinks but Imthinkin I might take it a step further and put like maybe a slim 60mm fan on the back side panel. What do you think?


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