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Reservoir Mod

Ok, quick little mod here. So I guess the EK Multioption Reservoirs made by EK Water Blocks have a tendency to create a vortex when used with a high flow pump. Now, let me say right now that I really like this company. They make some gorgeous blocks and res's. Some of these pumps, like the D5 that I have, simply move to much water through such a small space for this not to happen. With that being said I wanted to make sure and nip this possible problem in the ass before I put the new res in my system, so on with the anti-vortex modding! As seen here:

(Not my video clip.)

The problem is known by the company since they came out with a Rev. 2 of their reservoirs with a little taller dividing wall.

Apparently that didn't quite solve it for the fastest flowing of pumps either. So, they came out with a little clear add-on piece.

There, of course, was no way I was gonna pay 10 or 15 bucks to have one sent to me so I modded the one I already had! Not to mention I had some extra Lexan lying around from the HDD Window Mod. First I scored a break line to break a piece off.

Then cut the strip in half to make the two . . .uh . . .halves.

A third, slightly shorter piece went in between the taller two and all three were glued together. Then they got a good sanding to bring them to a uniform width.

I did some final sanding with some 400 grit and then simply slid the assembly over the dividing wall in the res. It should work very well. The glue didn't dry clear at all but it kinda gives a random fogged look to it, with water it shouldn't be too noticeable.

Last one.

That's it!