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Ok, so here's my little update.

I went ahead and installed the "Good Helper to Reduces the Noise".
That would be the sound mating for those not in the know.
My First Worklog

Then I had to get my 7800 out of my old system and into the new.
Problem being it was part of the old loop.
So some major surgery had to be performed without draining the loop.
It was a bit messy but I got it done.
My First Worklog

Next, I went ahead and finished out the loop.
Clamped everything down and double and triple checked everything.
My First Worklog

And then I filled the loop.
This is where I've run into a problem.
The reservoir has a tube inside it to get the return water higher up in the res.
The problem is the pump is pulling so hard that it throws the water all the way to the top of the res.
This is creating splashing and bubbles that are then pulled back through the loop.
I went ahead and filled the res all the way to the top but it still seems to be pulling air.
Heres some pics to illustrate.
My First Worklog
My First Worklog

Hopefully you can see the bubbles.
And not just the big ones, it's those little mini bubbles that are getting constantly sucked through the loop.
I think those are getting sucked through the pump and making it fairly loud.
I can hear the pump hum but the bubbles are making a lot more noise.

The only real answer I found for the bubbles was to turn the pump speed all the way down. That's why have that new reservoir getting ready to go in.


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