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From there I needed to decide where to put the res:
My First Worklog

With pictures to come soon I decided on a spot right above the pump which I thought would be perfect to have the res feed right into the top of pump.
Oh, what? The pump intake isn't on top, it's the side one! Crap!
Hmmm, ok new idea: put a 90* elbow on the pump.
But a barbed elbow with a piece of hose to the pump will make it stick out too far.

What's a modder to do? V V V
My First Worklog

Well, that actually worked pretty well.
So, I bought a threaded elbow from DD to put on that. Oh, but wait, it doesn't fit.
What the hell? The die is 9/16-18. The elbow is G1/4 BSPP.

Why are all the water cooling parts G1/4?

So, anyway, another trip back to the hardware store and a little more elbow grease had this:
My First Worklog

In, the meantime, during one of several trips to the hardware store I also bought myself a Unibit to put a hole in the top for my new fillport like this:
My First Worklog

Anywho, more to come later!


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