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Ok, this is a bit old. This is one of my older projects and one of the first that I took pictures of and documented for an all out worklog. Please enjoy!

So, I got this great deal on a Core 2 Duo through the Intel Retail Edge program, and I decided it needed a brand new home to go in to.

I started with the Thermaltake Armor case.
First Worklog

And some other various parts:
First Worklog
That's a Silencer 610 in there!

First Worklog

This also included an Apogee block for the C2D.

I decided to go with this case for the express purpose of slapping in a triple 120 rad in the front, like this one:
First Worklog

A little foam tape on there for a good seal against these:
First Worklog

I decided the fan itself wasn't quite enough so got some RC plane spinners and put them on there too! As you might note the prop holes are filled. That was prolly the most difficult part of this whole project. I actually ordered 6 of those and took three and hacked 'em apart then sanded the little pieces down until they fit perfect.

This all went together to give me something like this:
First Worklog


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