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I got a good working 9.1Gb drive from a freind at work, so now I actually have a working drive to put the newly completed cover on to! Who knew pack-rat nerds could be so handy?

So, once I had finished grinding down the remaining metal I sanded it down with some 180 grit to give me something smooth and burr-free to work with.

Now I was ready to finally apply the window to the remaining frame of the cover. I had some CA glue laying around so I used that. I did a couple test pieces and had a little fogging of the Lexan near the bond. This probably wasn't the best option for this project but I couldn't wait to get it together. I figured it was possibly from the fumes. I didn't want these getting trapped under the cover when I did the main piece so I rigged up some craziness!*

The cover is under the pile of stuff used for weight. The cover itself is raised up off the table so that the fan can blow under it and keep some air flow going underneath. Probably over kill but oh well.

Oh, and Blue Painters Tape FTW!!!*

So here's the finished cover in all it's glory! This is just sitting on the dead drive for illustration purposes, I still need to do the transfer.

The metal of the cover itself had taken some abuse and had a few skuffs and scratches. So I used a wire bristle cup brush and went over it with that. Hopefully you can see it.

And upon closer inspection the bond seems to be pretty uniform all the way around.

So now I just have to transfer the windowed cover to the good drive. That should be easy! *


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