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HDD Window Mod


So, I've seen a couple tutorials on this around and it looked really cool. So I decided I'd give it a shot too!

Here's what I started with, an old Maxtor IDE drive. Size? Who cares, its dead.

This first drive is simply a donor for it's top cover.
I went with these drives for a couple reasons.
First, the drive cover is symmetrical and that makes me happy.
B.) The top has the perfect raised center section for this kind of mod.
Tertiary: That darker colored metal piece is glued down and actually comes off with some effort. This makes a PERFECT template!

Once I had rough cut it with the mini hack saw it was time to sand it down to it's final shape.

Oh ya, and I cut those middle dips out with a Dremel with a carving bit and then sanded with one of the sanding drum bits. Sorry, no pics.
I went all the way up to 400 grit on the edges. Mostly just cuz I had it layin around. It's not perfect but pretty darn good I think. Very smooth to the touch.

The finished window fits in its spot like a glove!


Tomorrow, I start the cutting of the metal lid.


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