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-12 August 2008-

Hey! A new update, it's crazy, I know! Ok, so it's been a few days, but in the grand scheme of things a few days isn't really that bad is it? I've been a bit lazy this week, work has been tiring me and the man keeps trying to keep me down! Or maybe I'm just lazy. Enough crying, on with the progress.

First up, cutting out the center hole in the triplet sled. The problem here was that I didn't have a hole saw that was the right size for this hole. I decided to try another tool I have, my Dremel with a special hole cutting adapter. Unfortunately this adapter was meant to do plunge cuts through drywall and things of that nature. The special rotary cutting bit has a spiral that pushes the sawdust downward, out the other side of the cut. The problem here was I was cutting 3/4" MDF the plunge cutter doesn't go that deep. So, I had to end up doing the cut in several sections and depths.

As I said before the rotary cutting bit spirals downward to push outthe sawdust away from the Dremel. Since I wasn't going all the way through the bit just ended up shoving all the sawdust down into the groove. I ended up having to use a jig saw blade I found laying around to dig the sawdust out of the groove, otherwise the groove would get packed full and the bit would start to heat up and actually burn the wood!

After much painstaking labor and intense rotary cutting action I finally made it all the way through. Oh, and I did have to turn the piece over and go to town on it from behind to be able to make it all the way through. All and all, though, it made a pretty good cut with just a little uneveness that I cleaned up with the drum sander on the drill press.

Next up was the front face piece. This one was getting a slightly different cut to it but same procedure. Drill a center point pilot hole then fire up the Dremel and follow the same procedure as before.

The difference here is that there was two, offset pilot holes that basically gave me two half circles that looked remarkably like this.

With those two cuts made I simply had to jigsaw the last little bits out. Again, some serious sanding was needed to even things out and get things looking pretty.

And here's a shot with the two pieces together to check for a good line up. Looks pretty good to me!

Finally, the three main fron pieces can be test fitted together for the first time. Note that the entire outside of the PVC piece has also been sanded. This was necessary, especially around the bottom of the piece, to get it to fit in the sled. I'm pretty sure I removed about a foot worth of thickness of the PVC pipe, which of course made a huge mess again. In the end it all woked out and everything fits together beautifully.

All together! Yeah!

Oh, and I also finished drilling the holes for the fan mounting bolts. Here's a shot of the fans all mounted and looking good.

And from the back.

Finally, here's a shot of my brand new router bits I got for my Dremel. These will get used soon. On a side note, I got these at Home Depot, on sale, the last set they had, after not finding them at Lowes or Menards. WOOT!

Ok, that's it for now, hopefully more to come soon. I am now caught up with the worklog so I'm gonna have to get back to work if I want to have anything to talk about. See ya!

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