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-9 August 2008-

Like the slow steady, forward march of time, so to is my progress on my projector. . . . . uhhh, ya. So, once again I have spent a few more of my precious hours drilling, cutting, sanding, and generally making a mess all over my self, my tools, and my garage. Sometimes I wonder if my Jeep gets sad when I leave it outside. Hopefully one of these days I will reclaim my garage for it's intended use, protecting my baby.

Enough of the QQ, time for more pew pew! Ah yes, The List, oh how long and unending your demands are!

Great, lets see what can be done to widdle down The Mighty List a little bit. Let's drill some holes in something!

That was the pilot hole for a much larger hole that will become my "triplet focus mechanism holding sled". I made that name up all my own! Next! More drilling, this time pilot holes for the much larger holes that will become the three fan blow holes across the back of the PJ back panel.

The problem with drilling little, itty-bitty pilot holes? They don't make nearly enough of a mess!

Much better! Now this is what I call a mess, pile on the saw dust! Oh, and just in case you were wondering yes my workshop is the floor of my garage, and yes, I am sitting on the ground in white pants (sorry mom), I didn't learn nothing. Hey, I own a washing machine, I just make it work a little harder than most. Also, this next pic was taken by my roommate who is equally as much a nerd with equally nerdy projects. Just not as much 1337 skillz as me! :)

Ok, so at this point I run into my first problem. Ok, I screwed up, but only a little bit, and more importantly it can be fixed, mostly. See, here's the thing, for some of the larger measurements I had to convert my millimeters in to inches. I have a nifty little converter I found on the net, one that converts mm to inches, and one that converts inches to mm. This helped but it still left me with having to convert decimal inches to fractional so I could actually use it on a tape measure. Huge pain in the ass! Somewhere in the sea of numbers I got my conversion wrong and ended up staring at my back panel for a good long while trying to figure out why it looked off and what I did wrong.

Well, here's part of the issue. That should read 402mm, its currently at 424mm. Yes, after I did all the crazy mm to decimal inch to fractional inch conversion my roommate lets me borrow his longer bubble level with metric. ...Sigh...

Oh well, live and learn. No worries though, a little re measuring and then re-re measuring to make sure this time I was able to simply remove the excess.

After that it was simply re drilling my pilot hole and cutting the third fan blow hole. Hooray for more sawdust!

So, here's what the end product looks like. I know, I know the holes are a bit off. It'll still work but it kinda bothers me. Only time will tell if it eats away at me enough to redo the whole piece.

Finally here it is with the fans set on it. I still need to drill the mounting holes for the fans but this gives you a good idea of how it will look.

All right that is it for another hard days work in The New Hoobie Workshop. More to come very soon as I still have more done than I have time to worklog.

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