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-8 August 2008-

Progress on the PJ slowly marches on. After cutting out my two largest pieces and getting them pretty close to even I was fairly happy with that and moved on to the front and back pieces. For this session of creating massive amounts of sawdust I moved into the basement since it was hot as balls outside. First, the back panel; sketched out and ready to cut.

Cut out and ready for sanding!

Next up was the slightly smaller front panel. Done!

Third and final piece was the small sled piece that the triplet optics will sit in and allow them to slide up and down for lens shifting. Easy!

Now then, I have all three pieces cut but they need some sanding to even and smooth up the edges, but I don't have a proper workbench to clamp the pieces to for sanding. What's a guy to do? Well I decided to just hold the piece in my lap and sand away at it like that. It actually worked pretty well. Unfortunately the sawdust it created kind of coated me.

It's all good though because I ended up with three very good looking pieces of wood that should work well in my build.

That was it for the night, time to go clean up. More to come soon as I seem to actually be making progress faster than I can worklog it.

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