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-5 August 2008-

Here's just a quick update to keep the hungry masses at bay. The woodworking phase has begun! MDF hath been smited! As I'm sure you all know this will complete Preparations A-G and I shall soon dive head first in to Preparation H. (I wonder if I'll get Preparation H ads in my Google Ads now!?)

Anywho, I finally got started on the woodworking with the cutting of my two biggest pieces, the side panels. Wouldn't you know it, I was so excited to be fully immersed into Preparation H that I forgot to snap a pic of the first piece before I cut it all up. It wasn't too big of a deal though. The only issues I ran into were having to convert some of my larger metric numbers into fractional inches because I didn't have a metric ruler that went over 30cm. Plus, getting those two curves on top and bottom took some extra thinking on my part. Which, I'm not gonna lie, it hurt a little, doin' all that thinkin' stuff. But I was strong strived on, got all my lines down, got it cut, and ended up with something like this:

From here on out it was smooth...er sailing, still not easy, just not so much thinkin'. I got to trace! I'm such a good tracer! You can kinda see on the top piece where my arcs helped to give the PJ some curves and hopefully a little aesthetic appeal.

So, once you get yourself all traced up, you take the top one off and rinse and repeat with the jigsaw. I was using what I believe is an 18 TPI (Tooth per Inch) blade. This I think was a bit too high. I would have preferred a lower TPI blade, something a bit more aggressive. Maybe a 14 or 12 tooth blade, 18 just kinda made the cutting a bit slow, and me a bit impatient. But, of course, it was the only blade I had and you know what they say, "Beggars can't be choosers, m'lord."

They prolly look pretty even in that picture but they were a good bit off. So, next was to clamp the two together and go to town on 'em both at the same time with the "super old school - carrot juice orange colored - random orbital sander" and the one and only piece of sand paper attached to it that I have. Luckily that piece was a pretty aggressive grit which was good since I had a good bit of material to remove from the edges to get them in alignment.

After it was all said and done I now have two side panels that are pretty close to identical, a new notch in my man belt for 1337 woodworking skillz, and a mild case of black lung from the saw dust. Ok, so that's it, that's all I got for this episode. It's a little short I know, but don't worry I have more pics waiting to be worklogged! More to come!


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