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- 3 August 2008 -

Okay, so finally let me give you some idea of what this thing will look like when I have completed it, if that day ever comes.

The first shot is kind of just an overall shot of what it will look like once fully assembled and ready to go. It's based off of a Haas design, but with some re-engineering in the front end. Namely, it has been extended to allow for the longer focal length needed for the pro triplet lens that I plan on using. But, to keep it as small and tight as possible the front half will taper inward on the top and bottom like so.

To give you a little better idea of it's shape here is a shot of just the side panel head on.

At the back of the assembly I plan on using a trio of Vantech Stealth 120mm fans. These should do quite well at keeping things cool. As you may or may not have noticed in the first picture towards the back of the side panel there is a little box mounted in the projectors side panel. This is a digital fan controller meant for a floppy bay in a PC, it will be controlling my fans as it sees fit according to it's temperature readings. Covering the fans is a sort of light muffler that will hopefully stop most of the light from trying to pour out the back.

Finally, a shot of the internals, most of which, you'll notice are just kind of floating in mid air. The retention systems for some of the parts have not yet been completed. And they may not get rendered if I decide to just wing it instead. You may also notice that the front has some up and down adjustability for lens shifting. Originally I thought about motorizing this but since have dropped that idea in favor of a manual setup since it will probably get adjusted once and never moved again.

Alright that's it for tonight but I should have more for you shortly as I have started the woodworking phase of this project already. So, until next time, see ya!


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