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-20 April 2009-

That's right bitches, I'm back! Oh I'm sure you've missed me, and how I have missed you all so much! It has been a long time coming but here it is, another update. So, lets jump right in before I get all emotional. Now, an entire winter has passed with nary a peep from this website. But the smoke is rising from the chimneys and the factory is back in business. I have had a few issues to deal with that slowed me down and I'd like to start with those in my own defense.

Tom, (my old roommate) this one is for you. Love ya buddy, you dumb ass! So one day Tom thought it would be a good idea to grab the street sign laying on the ground across the street and prop it up so people could know where they are, he acts with good intentions just not a lot of foresight. Mind you this is a 30 pound, 8 foot tall piece of steel that he propped up against my mailbox. Even without seeing the picture any "normal" person can probably predict what happens. That's right, a breeze blew it over and ripped my mailbox right off the post. Good job numb nuts! ;)

Next excuse: A roof leak in my new town house. At this point the house was only about 9 or 10 months old, but because I wasn't the original owner the contractor that built it would do nothing for me, dicks. That's ok though since they didn't actually build any of it anyway. One call to the sub-contractor that actually put the roof on and they sent out several guys who went up moved around some flaps around a vent or something and it's never happened again. Now I just need to repaint. Yes that is a pouch of water between the paint and drywall, I had to cut it open and drain it!

Alright enough with the excuses on to the progress! First I got these neat key hole plates from Ace Hardware that should work perfect for the back piece to direct the fan airflow up and to restrict light flooding out the back of the PJ.

Next I cut the three frames that will hold the fresnels and LCD. I stole this idea from Windcalmer's PJ I believe. Yoinks, thanks dude! All three pieces were clamped together and cut as one to try and keep them as identical as possible.

Next up I went back to the fresnels, the sides were already cut to size now I just needed to cut the top and bottoms off. I actually cut these off center putting the center point 18mm lower to compensate for the lens shift I'm planning on building into it.

A quick pic of the mirror holders that will be used for the fresnels and LCD. They've been cut down to the minimum needed to hold the panels without obstructing anything.

Here are the four main pieces after a couple rattle can coats of flat black.

And after assembly with lamp ballast bolted in to it's proper place.

This will be my exhaust system: 3 120mm Vantec Stealth fans. These fans will be thermally throttled and will have a delayed shutoff when the PJ is turned off and is still hot. More on that later.

Next I installed a pair of wooden dowels in the middle to hopefully help keep things square and parallel. After a quick shot of paint and some more holes were drilled into the side panels they were strategically installed to not obstruct the light.

Ok that's it for tonight, but I promise there will be more to come soon. Actually I might have promised that last time too, but this time I totally really mean it!

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