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This is my own personal webpage. This is my first ever website as well so if things don't look very nice and it doesn't seem very famcy then bite me. It's my first try okay? It is based off a premade template in Adobe Dreamweaver. An equally difficult challenge to master. There isn't a whole lot here just yet but I'm working on that.

Theres the Computer Mods section that has some of my more recent projects involving hacking apart perfectly good merchandise and voiding warranties left and right to better suit my needs.

Theres the Jeep section which is....well, more of the same really. Fixing the broken bits and trying to improve on the not so good bits of my Jeep. Again, simply to suit my needs and keep me busy.

Then theres the Folding section. Which is short for Folding@Home a Stanford University based distributed computing effort that looks at how protiens fold. Honestly though I just do it for the points. It's just a basic live page of how well my computers are folding along.

And the Extra section, well thats nothing for now but maybe I'll come up with something to put in there at a later date. :)