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-16 November 2009-

A quick update on some of the things I'm working on in the theater room/man cave. Baically I've begun new sub-projects related to the main project. I've been falling a bit behind in the updates as I concentrate on progressing on the room. So as always I will try to update more often, but we'll see how that goes. Alos I recently got a new lens for my camera so hopefully my pictures will suck slightly less too!


-9 October 2009-

Another update to the man cave theater. It's really coming together now. It's just about far enough along now for entertaining! The screen is up and the PJ is throwing a picture.


-4 October 2009-

A new update to the home theater. Carpet has been laid, little more painting, and I change my ideas of how to lay out the room and so in turn had to build a frame for the screen to hang on. You can see more in Home Theater> Theater Build> Page 2.


-14 September 2009-

So the DIY PJ project has ended and a new project has begun. I finished the projector (sorta), put up a picture and was instantly not satisfied. Also, in the middle of the project I got my First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit which meant I had money to burn. So, as one project dies another begins. Check out the Home Theater section for the newest stuff.

-20 April 2009-

Back from the depths! That's right new updates bitches! Read up on the latest on my PJ, newest content starts on page 10. And yes I will try to keep future updates less than a month apart. Sorry 'bout that.

-26 August 2008-

New update, I know, it's a bit post dated but you must be getting used to that by now right? Oh, and I think the site might have been down for a couple days, stupid Windows firewall! And finally, just so you know the DIY PJ worklog is now being simulcast, including here on my website, at Hardforum.com, and at Lumenlab.com! I feel like ESPN or something!

-15 August 2008-

An update has been put out! I know, it's kinda taken me awhile to get this one out, but I've been really busy......ok, that's a lie, I was just lazy, but I'm back in it now!

-10 August 2008-

Another hard days work put in at The New Hoobie Workshop. The saw dust is really starting to pile up now! Oh, and this is officially my longest and most involved project yet!

-9 August 2008-

Another day, another update! Work progresses on the frame. Hopefully I'll have her up and running in short order..... ya prolly not.

-6 August 2008-

Once again I find myself typing in 6 August when in actuality it's the very beginning of 7 August, oh the things I do to please you people! But any way, there is a little new episode in the DIY PJ series. Woodworking has begun! Preparation H is under way!

-3 August 2008-

New updates on the DIY PJ! I finally reveal my design concepts to the masses. "And there was much rejoicing!" ...yay...

-27 July 2008-

New update in the DIY PJ project. I now have a focusing mechanism in the works. It's still in the early stages of construction but I think it will turn out very well. Hopefully it will function very well too! Check it out on Page 3!


-8 July 2008-

Ok, so technically it's a very early 9 July, but whatever! There's another action-packed episode in my endeavor to create a high-def projector. Check it out!


-7 July 2008-

A new project has begun: DIY High Definition Projector! You can find the latest on this project through the Computer Mods section or through the NEW Home Theater section!

-6 July 2008-

New additions have been added to the site. These include an about section with hopefully more to come soon there. Also, you may notice a Home Theater section, again, more to come in there too.